Alishia Louis-Potter, Founder &
Chief Visionary Officer

"Our journey through life begins
and ends with PURPOSE.
Be Empowered!"
Our Mission
The mission of Empowered Women Ministries is to help single women break
cycles of unhealthy relationships, lead emotionally healthy lifestyles, and live
their  purpose.
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Who Are We?
We are a faith-based community organization that was established in 2007;
and we are recognized as a public charity under section 501(c)3 of the IRS.
We are a body of women who have risen above emotional devastation to
share stories of survival and have a passion for providing life changing
opportunities for other women to do the same. Our primary focus is teaching
single women healthy relationship strategies & purposeful living by providing
group sessions, workshops, seminars and one on one mentoring.  

Our theory behind this concept is, if women learn early on what a healthy
relationship looks like, and discover who they are as individuals with purpose,
they will thereby have the insight and wisdom necessary to attract and enjoy
a healthy relationship & live their life purpose with passion & confidence!
Where Are You Today?
At Empowered Women Ministries, we believe that emotional healing is a
process. We have a proven model of approaching this healing process from
the inside-out. This starts with what we like to call "removing the mask."

Once you remove the mask that is hiding your pain, the next step is looking in
the mirror and dealing with it. This may cause you to have to go back into the
book of your past hurts that you may have tucked away in a secret place,
hoping that a relationship will make them go away. The reality is, it won't.

Because emotional healing is a process that is continual and requires
constant maintenance, to be successful in staying in control of your emotions
you must stay in the present of where you are today.

The question of "Where Are You Today?" deals with the fact that you must
always stay in the present of where you are in three key areas in order to be
successful in the healing process:

It is our belief in you stay in the present of these areas, not only will you heal
from the inside-out, but you will also embrace what we like to call...

Ladies, when you embrace that place, you are in total control of your
emotions. You no longer make unhealthy relationship choices. You are
empowered (authorized) to walk in your emotional freedom with no limits and
no boundaries. Lastly, you begin to access and live in your purpose!
Volunteer Opportunities
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What We Do
We facilitate two empowerment sessions, Rebuilding Your Life After
Divorce (R.Y.L.A.D.)
, and Single Sisters Empowered to L.I.V.E.  We utilize
a group dynamic for helping divorced women and single mothers break cycles
of unhealthy relationships. Our empowerment sessions offer support,
inspiration, and spiritual enrichment while providing a holistic approach to the
recovery process. One-on-one mentoring is available through our divorce
recovery program. We host and organize
The Empowered Women of the
Year Award Ceremony Dinner
annually where we honor single mothers who
have risen above adversity & have accomplished success in areas of
Education, Entrepreneurship, Career Success, 1st Time Home Ownership &
have overcome health related tragedies.
Embracing Total Emotional
Freedom and Empowerment!
"Changing Lives Worldwide. Dedicated to helping YOU break the cycles"
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually
  • Personally
Total Emotional
Freedom & Empowerment!
Are You In an
Factors that contribute to
Unhealthy Relationships
  • Control and dominance are the
    key issues
  • One or both partners were
    emotionally and/or physically
    abused or neglected as children
  • Abusers typically witnessed
    abuse perpetrated by a role model
  • Both partners were not exposed
    to positive healthy relationships
    while growing up
  • Both partners do not have healthy
    role models for sharing affection,
    managing conflict, or being
    respectful of one's partner
* information provided by Iona College
Extent of the Problem
  • The U.S. Surgeon General ranks
    abuse by husbands and partners
    as the leading cause of injuries to
    women ages 15 to 44
  • Statistics show one in four
    American women will be
    assaulted by a partner or ex-
    partner in her lifetime, regardless
    of race, ethnicity, socio-economic
    status or profession
  • 2 million women are battered
    every year, one every 16 seconds
  • People in unhealthy relationships
    suffer constant stress and
    anxiety, which compromises their
    health, erodes their self-esteem
Domestic Abuse Resources
Still need direction? We
have a
Violence Liaison

ready to help you.  You
don't have to feel
alone. Contact us
today (302) 943-4472
and leave a
confidential message.
Get Involved
Help us build The Center For Women's Empowerment!
"“...the God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build..." ~Nehemiah 2:19
The Center for Women's Empowerment will be a transitional housing facility in Kent County, Delaware
for single mothers and their children.
*photo courtesy of Google Images. Not an actual image of CFWE*
The mission of the Center for Women’s
Empowerment is to end cycles of chronic
homelessness among single mothers by
providing career development, life skills, and
educational opportunities that will lead them to
total self-sufficiency & permanent housing.
  • According to the University of Delaware’s Center for
    Community Research & Service (Homeless Planning
    Council of DE), the greatest concentration of shelter
    programs is in Wilmington DE (New Castle County)
  • An estimated 88% of homeless households with children
    are headed by single females. 36% have very young children
  • Turn over rates in emergency shelters are higher than they
    are in transitional housing programs

Source: Homelessness in Delaware: Twenty Years of Data Collection &
Research (2007)
The Need:
  • Career Development        
  • Career Transition
  • Job placement
  • Financial Literacy
  • Case Management
  • Life Skills
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Entrepreneurship coaching
  • Child Care
  • Tutoring/youth programs
  • Support groups
  • Transportation
  • Home Ownership Counseling
  • *Legal Advisement

*for expungement & pardoning  purposes only
  • CFWE residency will
    primarily be for single
    mothers who become
    homeless as a result of
    divorce, domestic abuse, job
    loss, or underemployment.
    Applicant must provide
    documentation of such at
    time of intake.
  • Must be 21 years of age or
    older with the youngest child’
    s age not to exceed 17 years
    old (unless the individual is a
    current senior in high school
    yet age doesn’t exceed 18, or
    individual is a disabled
  • If parent’s 17 year old turns
    18 prior to successful exit of
    the program, he/she must be
    enrolled in post-secondary
    education or vocational
    training within 90 days of the
    18th birthday in order to
    remain a resident
  • Women can be referred to
    CFWE from social service
    agencies, counselors,
    emergency shelter
    personnel, or self-referrals
  • Cannot have been a previous
    resident of CFWE for at least
    2 years
Yoruba Lott, President   
Rebuilding Your Life After
Delaware Chapter

Other Continuing Events:

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce
Monthly Empowerment Groups:

2nd Friday of each month (Dover, DE)

3rd Friday of each month (New Castle,
DE) *Coming Soon!*

4th Friday of Each month (Salisbury,
Was a HUGE Success!!!
Thank you to all of our exhibitors!

This scholarship will be
awarded to single mothers
currently pursuing or
endeavoring to pursue  
post-secondary education in
the areas of: Healthcare,
Business, Human Services,
and Religious Studies

For more information or to
donate contact us
at 302-46-6343

Be Empowered!